Artist Showcase: David Mutnjakovic

This artist showcase comes from David Mutnjakovic, whose art is a release from extreme pain, taking him beyond anywhere he can possibly imagine. He sees 'outsiders' as those who have had the courage to head into the darkness - and the courage to bring back the light to those who are curious. Read on to … Continue reading Artist Showcase: David Mutnjakovic


In Focus: the Context of Outsider Art

Welcome to the final installment of 'In Focus,' a series of blog posts featuring question and answer sessions between me and PhD student Marion Scherr. In this last post, we'll look at the term outsider art in an international context, and discuss the relationship between outsider art and the 'traditional, mainstream' art that is taught … Continue reading In Focus: the Context of Outsider Art

Clayton Landry: Animals and Inventions

This is the final installment in a series of posts introducing American artist Clayton Landry*. In this post, collector and supporter of Landry's work, George Lawrence, will focus on Landry's depictions of animals and inventions.  Landry and animals Kate Davey: Landry’s representations of animals are also very interesting. They are almost text-book diagrams of a … Continue reading Clayton Landry: Animals and Inventions