Artist Showcase: Michel Meraud

This latest artist showcase brings you the intricate work of self-taught French artist Michel Meraud.

Brut of dog

I remember being in the classroom, drawing in a notebook and listening to the teacher a little. Later on, high school art lessons were the best hours of my week. When I start my work I have no plan. It will be an ongoing development, which will be structured in a kind of anarchic way until it is complete. I work instantaneously without filters. The work will sometimes be modified or completely revisited days, weeks, months later. I am inspired by the artworks of several artists like Cy Twombly, Basquiat and Jean Dubuffet. I hope viewers of my work will be surprised – maybe they will enjoy it – I just hope for a positive feeling that’s all. Outside is good for me: fresh air, freedom, space, movement.

I do not know where my work will take me – It will be for the best and the worst, a kind of marriage.

Purple head
Nugget man
Electric pylone
A horse with a man

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