Artist Showcase: Michel Meraud

This latest artist showcase brings you the intricate work of self-taught French artist Michel Meraud. Brut of dog I remember being in the classroom, drawing in a notebook and listening to the teacher a little. Later on, high school art lessons were the best hours of my week. When I start my work I have no plan. … Continue reading Artist Showcase: Michel Meraud

Artist Showcase: Jon Sarkin

This Artist Showcase features the wonderfully diverse work of American self-taught artist Jon Sarkin. Below, you can read an interview with Jon about his work, or watch him talking about it in a video. Scroll down even further to view a curated selection of Jon's works and find a link to his website. Happy skull … Continue reading Artist Showcase: Jon Sarkin

Relationships: Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson

‘Outsider art’ in the traditional sense – i.e. Jean Dubuffet’s description – alludes to an isolated artist, working on the periphery of the mainstream art world. Contrary to this controversial belief, many of the most notable ‘outsider artists’ of the twentieth century were supported, encouraged and ‘outed’ by some of the most famous ‘mainstream’ artists … Continue reading Relationships: Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson

Andrew Beswick

Artist's Statement: Andrew Beswick is a Manchester-based artist who's work includes poetry, drawing, performance and sculpture. His approach to art is intuitive and self-taught and his inspiration to begin making art originated from a love of expressionist painting, primitive/ outsider art and the work of groups such as COBRA and the Situationist International. His interest … Continue reading Andrew Beswick