Artist Showcase: Darrell Black

This artist showcase introduces the work of Darrell Black. Black was originally inspired by space and science, but his creative journey has taken him on a path of simplification and 'stripping back.' Keep reading for a Q&A with Black about his work and his life as an artist, as well as a selection of images … Continue reading Artist Showcase: Darrell Black

Artist Showcase: ColdMountainGypsy

This artist showcase features the work of ColdMountainGypsy whose folkloric work is inspired by poetry, stories and dreams. If you would like to see a showcase of your work here on, please email with a few examples of your art. When did your interest in art/creating begin? I have loved art since I was … Continue reading Artist Showcase: ColdMountainGypsy

Relationships: Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson

‘Outsider art’ in the traditional sense – i.e. Jean Dubuffet’s description – alludes to an isolated artist, working on the periphery of the mainstream art world. Contrary to this controversial belief, many of the most notable ‘outsider artists’ of the twentieth century were supported, encouraged and ‘outed’ by some of the most famous ‘mainstream’ artists … Continue reading Relationships: Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson

Andrew Beswick

Artist's Statement: Andrew Beswick is a Manchester-based artist who's work includes poetry, drawing, performance and sculpture. His approach to art is intuitive and self-taught and his inspiration to begin making art originated from a love of expressionist painting, primitive/ outsider art and the work of groups such as COBRA and the Situationist International. His interest … Continue reading Andrew Beswick

Joe Cook

(Featured Image: Joe Cook, UV)I am always keen to hear from artists who would be interested in a blog post focusing on their work. Usually, I ask for an artist's statement and a few images which they would like to showcase, but these guidelines are very flexible and I am open to suggestions. If you would … Continue reading Joe Cook