The Importance of Folk Art

I have just started researching for my next PhD assignment, which will look at the ways the media has reviewed exhibitions of outsider art over the past fifteen years. Whilst working my way through back catalogues of exhibition reviews, I came across Jonathan Jones’ review of the 2014 British Folk Art exhibition at Tate Britain … Continue reading The Importance of Folk Art

Sustainable arts careers for people with disabilities

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to be invited to join a panel discussion in London organised by Pertti's Choice in my role as Step Up Coordinator at Outside In. The panel focused on the issue of 'sustainable arts careers for people with disabilities.' It chimed nicely with the work I do on Outside In's … Continue reading Sustainable arts careers for people with disabilities

The ‘Integrated Professional’ and the ‘Naive Artist’

My previous PhD research-inspired post, ‘The Cycle of Cultural Consumption’, focused mainly on what sort of culture audiences ‘consume’ and why. It looked at Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of habitus, and how our social and educational background is the biggest influencing factor when it comes to the culture that is available – and interesting – to … Continue reading The ‘Integrated Professional’ and the ‘Naive Artist’