Curtis Fairley: Animals and Inventions

This is the final installment in a series of posts introducing American artist Curtis Fairley. In this post, collector and supporter of Fairley's work, George Lawrence, will focus on Fairley's depictions of animals and inventions.  Fairley and animals Kate Davey: Fairley’s representations of animals are also very interesting. They are almost text-book diagrams of a … Continue reading Curtis Fairley: Animals and Inventions


Epiphanies! Secrets of Outsider Art

Above Image: Kate Bradbury (courtesy of “Outsider Art is a movement of untrained artists with a burning desire and passion for expression that features art of an obsessive nature. Often this involves collecting debris shaped to express the inner thoughts and feelings of the creator. Some artists may suffer from mental health issues, others … Continue reading Epiphanies! Secrets of Outsider Art