The ‘Savant’ Artist

I have wanted to write about this subject for a while now, ever since I first received a wall calendar of a certain artist’s work as a Christmas present over two years ago. Since then, I have been lucky enough to see this artist's work in person at the Paris Outsider Art Fair in 2015, and … Continue reading The ‘Savant’ Artist


The ‘S’ Word: can the arts reduce mental health stigma?

In the UK – despite much progress since the abolition of large psychiatric hospitals and a significant increase in care in the community – stigma surrounding mental health issues is still an incredibly prominent issue. The Mental Health Foundation notes that “people with mental health problems say that the social stigma attached to mental ill … Continue reading The ‘S’ Word: can the arts reduce mental health stigma?

Taxonomy: The Problems of Categorisation

Above image: Bill Traylor, Brown Mule, 1939 (source: "Categorisation is something that we do naturally and unconsciously every day. We recognise one animal as a cat and another as a dog. We organise objects in the world around us in ways that reflect these categories. In our kitchens, we keep baking trays with other baking … Continue reading Taxonomy: The Problems of Categorisation