Artist Showcase: Nicola Stradiotto

This latest artist showcase highlights the work of Nicola Stradiotto

When did your interest in art/creating begin?

I graduated in 1998 at the art institute of Cittadella, near Padua (not so far from Venice in Italy), art it’s part of my life.
I can’t live without my camera or my pencil case!

What is your starting point for each piece?

I don’t have rules for my collages… I’m totally free.
I like Dada, Pop Art and Surrealism: a mix of nonsense and parts of common objects or human’s body.

Who/what influences your work?

This crazy society usually influences my work: collages, photos or illustrations. I like to represent the chaos of our modern life.
And sometimes my surrealistic dreams too!

What do you hope the viewer gets from your work?

Sincerely I don’t know. I would love to know.

What do you think about the term Outsider Art? Is there a term that you think works better?

I don’t like to use terms to define my art but “Outsider Art” for me, means freedom from rules of the mainstream!
By the way, It’s a good term to define me and my works, I think.

What are you working on at the moment?

It’s a new comic about a war from cyborg versus humans. I’m sorry but I can’t reveal anything!
Next year, when I’ll end it, you’ll be the first to know that.

Where do you see your work taking you in the future?

It’s a good question! I usually live day by day… we’ll see!

Click here to visit Nicola Stradiotto’s website

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