5 years: an online celebration

Alongside a physical exhibition of work by Scottish artist Steve Murison in Brighton in early February, there is also the opportunity to see work by many of the artists who have featured on the blog since its inception.


Danny Sumbler, Alchemical Romance

kdoutsiderart: 5 Years‘ is an online showcase of work by 21 artists who have had an artists’ showcase at some point on kdoutsiderart.com.

The work is diverse and varied: from a textile piece by Anthony Stevens, to Jenifer Renzel’s futuristic totem pole painting. There’s an intricate monochrome drawing by Red Tweny and mosaic ‘savage’ 3D figures by Pamela Irving.


Judy Shreve, The Bird Listener

The online exhibition is a big thank you to all of the artists who have shared their work on the blog at some point, for letting us into their world and enabling us to enjoy their unique creativity.

Click here to visit the exhibition



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