Jazz Up Your Lizard: an exhibition of work by Steve Murison

As part of the 5 year anniversary of kdoutsiderart.com, an exhibition of vibrant works by Scottish artist Steve Murison will open at Gallery Lock In, Brighton (UK), on 1st February. 

“I think about skulls all the time, inverted crosses, mouldering decay. I picture burning beasts howling with intricate jewelled crowns. Have you ever witnessed something go horribly wrong? I haven’t looked at much of other peoples art for a few years, my simple line is unfurling and my cerulean blue stained hands give a hearty wave your way. Rum and coke. Violent Science fiction. The folk I love. Endless coffee on Sunday mornings. Bukowski. McCarthy. Tool. All my days smeared across ragged boards.” – Steve Murison


It’s Never Just a Cat

Steve has had work exhibited as part of Creative Future’s Impact Art Fair in London in 2013, and as part of previous kdoutsiderart exhibition, Miraculous Urgency, in Brighton in 2015.


A Lizard Hung By Sickly Moon

I first posted about Steve Murison back in August 2013, after seeing his work at the Impact Art Fair. His work is vibrant, somewhat naive in form, but incredibly deep in content. His characters take the form of animals – real and fantastical, and his pieces are tagged with comical but relatable titles – think We Found Your Idiot Skull in a Volcano, or A Petrified Heart in a Splintered Box.


We Found Your Idiot Skull in a Volcano

The exhibition space will also include a Werewolf Swap Shop, where you can bag yourself a unique cat painting by Steve in exchange for your own interpretation of a werewolf. Steve collects drawings of werewolves, so this is an exciting opportunity to share your work with Steve and take away your own little piece of his creativity.


Whisper Some More You Sweet Devil

Jazz Up Your Lizard will open on 1st February, 7 – 9pm, and will continue until 5th February, opening 1 – 7pm daily.

Gallery Lock In
Little Western Street
East Sussex

Click here for more information about Gallery Lock In



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