Accessible Exhibitions: Outsider Art For All

‘For, if outsider art arises from people who have no connection to the established art world, it ought to return to that world as well.’ This sentence, found in an article focusing on Intuit’s current constant struggle to ‘get people in the door’ got me thinking about interpretative curatorial techniques with relation to outsider art … Continue reading Accessible Exhibitions: Outsider Art For All


What’s On: July 2012

'British Outsider Art' At Bethlem Heritage 7th July - 3rd November 2012 'Tight Modern' Tight Modern (a miniature version of Tate Modern) has just finished a stint at Royal Brompton Hospital in London. The exhibition will be in Brighton from the 9th until the 12th of August 2012 at East Street Bastion. reading What’s On: July 2012