Andrew Beswick

Artist’s Statement:

Andrew Beswick is a Manchester-based artist who’s work includes poetry, drawing, performance and sculpture. His approach to art is intuitive and self-taught and his inspiration to begin making art originated from a love of expressionist painting, primitive/ outsider art and the work of groups such as COBRA and the Situationist International. His interest lies in the experimentation with form and the creative process. Each work is seen as incomplete or unfinished, a sketch or an idea that is an end unto itself. With an artistic practice that is centred around themes of spontaneity and the natural environment, he combines elements of cartography, primitivism and poetry with an interest in social history, ethnology and popular culture. In 2006 Andrew studied Art Foundation at Stockport College and the following year he helped establish the Islington Mill Art Academy, an independent art school based in Salford (which he is still actively involved with).

Andrew Beswick, 'Untitled' (2007)

Andrew Beswick, ‘Untitled’ (2007)

Andrew Beswick, 'People in Krakow' (2007)

Andrew Beswick, ‘People in Krakow’ (2007)

Andrew Beswick, 'Duck' (2007)

Andrew Beswick, ‘Duck’ (2007)

Andrew Beswick, Marina De Lagos' (2012)

Andrew Beswick, Marina De Lagos’ (2012)

Andrew Beswick, 'Salford in Rush Hour' (2008)

Andrew Beswick, ‘Salford in Rush Hour’ (2008)

To see more of Andrew’s work, you can visit his website:

If you would like a showcase of your work on this blog, please get in touch my emailing
Alternatively, get in touch on Twitter: @kd_outsiderart


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