Creative Future Exhibitions

Creative Future, an organisation based in Brighton, aims to promote the work of artists and writers who need extra support through publications, exhibitions and workshops. The organisation also has two milestone events; Tight Modern and the Impact Art Fair, with an in-the-making Literary event on its way. I work part time for the organisation, as their Data and Communications Officer, and have spent the past couple of weeks installing exhibitions at two different venues in Brighton. One of the exhibitions is currently taking place in the corridors of Community Base in Brighton; the home of the Creative Future office. Each mezzanine level has two artworks by Creative Future artists, with pieces ranging from digital prints to acrylic paintings. The second exhibition we have been working on is taking place at The Fed’s new Space for Change, where you can see the colourful, fantastical work of Stephen Humphrey,

Community Base Corridor Exhibition

Comm Base_2

Works by Richard Sitford and Stephen White

Stephen Humphrey Exhibition at Space for Change

Stephen Humphrey, 'Medieval England' and 'The Beauty of Nature'

Stephen Humphrey, ‘Medieval England’ and ‘The Beauty of Nature’

Stephen Humphrey, 'Lancaster Bomber', 'Mother Nature' and 'Beauty Street'

Stephen Humphrey, ‘Lancaster Bomber’, ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Beauty Street’

Stephen Humphrey, 'Mother Nature', 'Nature Within' and 'The Beauty Within'

Stephen Humphrey, ‘Mother Nature’, ‘Nature Within’ and ‘The Beauty Within’

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Creative Future

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