Artist Showcase: Miguel Angel

This latest artist showcase shares the life and work of Miguel Angel. When did your interest in art/creating begin? My interest began as a child; I liked to draw. What is your starting point for each piece? My starting point is surrealism, pop art and sometimes extravagant haute couture attires applied mainly to furry fandom. … Continue reading Artist Showcase: Miguel Angel

Outsider Art and the Art Critic

Over the past couple of months, I have been trawling through reviews of outsider art exhibitions published in the UK national press. It has been an interesting exercise, returning to some of the exhibitions I have visited over the past 10 years; this time, with my researcher’s head on. After diving into several of these … Continue reading Outsider Art and the Art Critic

Three Ways Capitalism Impacts the Insider Art World

In this thought-piece, Jerry Fresia discusses how capitalism has impacted on the art world (inside and outside) over the past century. Power and the Capitalist Class: Capitalists don’t just sit off to the side minding their own business. Their business is the accumulation of capital (money and productive assets). They buy politicians, sit on the … Continue reading Three Ways Capitalism Impacts the Insider Art World