Artist Showcase: Brandon Piper

This artist showcase comes from Brandon Piper, who has been making creatures, monsters and aliens since he was two years old. If you would like a showcase about your work, please email When did your interest in art/creating begin? Since I was two years old I've made creatures, monsters and aliens. What is your … Continue reading Artist Showcase: Brandon Piper

The Cycle of Cultural Consumption

First of all, I would like to start with an apology for the lack of posts of late. I do, however, have good news! I have recently started a PhD at the University of Chichester, in which I will be focusing on the relationship between outsider art and the mainstream art world. Specifically, it will … Continue reading The Cycle of Cultural Consumption

Clayton Landry: Animals and Inventions

This is the final installment in a series of posts introducing American artist Clayton Landry*. In this post, collector and supporter of Landry's work, George Lawrence, will focus on Landry's depictions of animals and inventions.  Landry and animals Kate Davey: Landry’s representations of animals are also very interesting. They are almost text-book diagrams of a … Continue reading Clayton Landry: Animals and Inventions