Artist Showcase: Jack Oliver

The latest Artist Showcase comes from Jack Oliver. If you would like to see your work on the blog, please get in touch by emailing

Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy

“I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember.

I don’t really have a specific starting point. I start drawing and it evolves, grows from there. I often leave it and go back to it over a period of time. That said, some are started and finished very quickly. It depends on how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. I might want to concentrate on the smallest detail and other times feel that I can be bolder and just go for it.

32 Where the wyrd walk

Where the Wyrd Walk

A childlike notion of monsters is a theme that I often visit. Certain imagery sticks with me though this can manifest itself in different ways. Dreams play a great part in my work and there’s an element of feverishness around the need to get it down on paper, so sometimes I can be drawing all night without any preconceived plan; the process almost automatic.

001 Nightmare one million and one

Nightmare One Million and One

Outsider art for me is a place where I can fit in. I’m therefore happy with this definition. The struggle of the individual artist with their unique vision, sometimes borne out of being self taught, is always interesting as you can see this reflected in their work. I love the work of Nick Blinko, Friedrich Schroder Sonnerstern and Unica Zurn. I share similar struggles as these wonderful artists. I suffer schizophrenia and this battle goes into my art also. I am an outsider in life and I hope that my art can find a place within that.



I am always drawing and painting. Some of my best pieces have been bound in my two books; both were to showcase my work in the hope that one day these may be published as an artists representation of schizophrenia. I am currently finishing off an ink drawing of a serpent.



I would hope to have my books published one day and I would really like to experience the opportunity of an exhibition. However, even if these things are not achieved, I will continue to draw and paint for the pleasure and cathartic nature of it. My goal in art is to continue to create work that I feel satisfied with; whether people like it or not, though obviously it would give me a great sense of achievement if people liked looking at my work.”



46 Foot head in dimension 12 sector 15.82

Foot Head

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