Kdoutsiderart on Tour: Folk Art Environments

I can only apologise for my lack of posting lately! Following the busy period of January – March – which included the 5 year (online and offline) anniversary celebrations, things have slid a little. One of the reasons I let things slide was because I have been planning a trip to the southern states of the US. I leave next week, and am heading to New Orleans LA, Austin TX, Memphis TN, and Nashville TN. As well as taking in the sights and culture of these wonderful cities, I am also hoping to squeeze in visits to several folk art environments.

There are many folk art environments in the south – of course, because much of the most renowned folk art is indigenous to the southern states. I scoured my Raw Vision Outsider Art Sourcebook (the last two editions!), and planned my route. I worked out that I can feasibly visit four of these environments during my trip (I did try to fit more in, but many were a little – and some were spectacularly – out of the way).

From New Orleans, I am driving West to just outside of Austin, which means a stop off in Houston on the way. In Houston, my plan is to visit the following environments:

1. Jeff McKissack’s The Orange Show (Houston, TX)


Image courtesy of TripAdvisor

2. John Milkovisch’s The Beer Can House (Houston, TX)


Image courtesy of Suitcases & Sweets

3. Cleveland Turner’s Flower Man’s House (Houston, TX)


Image courtesy of Deep Fried Kudzu

And then, when I’m driving between Memphis and Nashville, I’m hoping to stop off in Brownsville, TN on the way to visit:

4. Billy Tripp’s The Mindfield (Brownsville, TN)


Image courtesy of Amusing Planet

I’m hoping that on my return I’ll be able to share my adventures and pictures with you. If you have any suggestions as to other environments I might be able to stop by at on my route, drop a comment below! See you all soon!




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