Kdoutsiderart on Tour: Folk Art Environments

I can only apologise for my lack of posting lately! Following the busy period of January - March - which included the 5 year (online and offline) anniversary celebrations, things have slid a little. One of the reasons I let things slide was because I have been planning a trip to the southern states of the US. … Continue reading Kdoutsiderart on Tour: Folk Art Environments


Visionary Environments: Pamela Irving

'Dreaming with Open Eyes' - a sculptural mosaic installation at Luna Park, Melbourne, by Pamela Irving. Dreaming with Open Eyes is about serendipity and destiny. "For years I had fantasized about creating a large scale installation in Melbourne. My aesthetic has developed over three decades. It reflects interest in myth, bold use of colour, whimsy … Continue reading Visionary Environments: Pamela Irving

Defining ‘Outsider’ Art..

Recently, I have found myself becoming more and more interested in the actual term ‘outsider’ art, and what it really means. Originally coined by Roger Cardinal as an English equivalent to Jean Dubuffet’s Art Brut (or ‘raw’ art), the term has grown to encapsulate a huge variety of works. There are many offshoots of the … Continue reading Defining ‘Outsider’ Art..


Visionary Environments

Often, when we first think of 'outsider' art, we imagine 2D paintings or collages made from recycled materials, rather than fantastical landscapes and installations in the wild. Visionary environments are huge scale artistic projects that are inbued with a sense of personal involvement and subjectivity; two characteristics which result in these dreamlike spaces being most … Continue reading Visionary Environments