Artist Showcase: Brandon Piper

This artist showcase comes from Brandon Piper, who has been making creatures, monsters and aliens since he was two years old. If you would like a showcase about your work, please email When did your interest in art/creating begin? Since I was two years old I've made creatures, monsters and aliens. What is your … Continue reading Artist Showcase: Brandon Piper

Iva Milson

"The heart beats in a rhythm synchronized to the ebb and flow of cosmic energy that has no pre-conceived ideas, thoughts, or expressions. And it is that rhythm that inspires me to paint." - Iva Milson To see more of Iva's work, visit You can also follow Iva on Twitter: @IvasArt If you would like to see your … Continue reading Iva Milson

What’s On: Talks this Coming Season

Here is a run down of some interesting talks happening in the 'Outsider Art' world over the next couple of months. Let me know if you hear of anything else that we could add to the list by emailing: (Featured Image: Ben Wilson, source: Wednesday 7th November, 6.30pm Inside the Outside Where: Institute of … Continue reading What’s On: Talks this Coming Season

Does Intention Have an Impact on what we Consider to be ‘Art’?

I thought it was about time to produce another post on where I’m currently standing with regards to the never-ceasing debate on the definition of the term ‘Outsider Art’. This post is partially influenced by an article I came across this week, written by Jillian Steinhauer for Hyperallergic entitled ‘What Does “Outsider Artist” Even Mean’(see … Continue reading Does Intention Have an Impact on what we Consider to be ‘Art’?

Accessible Exhibitions: Outsider Art For All

‘For, if outsider art arises from people who have no connection to the established art world, it ought to return to that world as well.’ This sentence, found in an article focusing on Intuit’s current constant struggle to ‘get people in the door’ got me thinking about interpretative curatorial techniques with relation to outsider art … Continue reading Accessible Exhibitions: Outsider Art For All

Shadows of a Dream – Brighton 17.09.12 – 21.01.13

Shadows of a Dream is an collaborative exhibition between Outside In and Creative Future which will explore emotion, surrealism, light and dark through painting, drawing, collage, prints and textiles. The exhibition will present work from Jessica Levine, Mercedes Gil Simon, Maria Kuipers, Michelle Roberts and Neal Pearce. The exhibition will run from the 17th September 2012 … Continue reading Shadows of a Dream – Brighton 17.09.12 – 21.01.13