Iva Milson

“The heart beats in a rhythm synchronized to the ebb and flow of cosmic energy that has no pre-conceived ideas, thoughts, or expressions. And it is that rhythm that inspires me to paint.”Iva Milson

Iva Milson,  'Duplicates'

Iva Milson, ‘Duplicates’

Iva Milson, 'Throught Time and Space'

Iva Milson, ‘Throught Time and Space’

Iva Milson, 'Floating in the Waters of Love'

Iva Milson, ‘Floating in the Waters of Love’

Iva Milson, 'Dream-in the Dream'

Iva Milson, ‘Dream-in the Dream’

Iva Milson, 'Memories'

Iva Milson, ‘Memories’

To see more of Iva’s work, visit www.ivasart.yolasite.com. You can also follow Iva on Twitter: @IvasArt
If you would like to see your work on KDoutsiderart, you can contact me by emailing kdoutsiderart@yahoo.com 

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