Shadows of a Dream – Brighton 17.09.12 – 21.01.13

Shadows of a Dream is an collaborative exhibition between Outside In and Creative Future which will explore emotion, surrealism, light and dark through painting, drawing, collage, prints and textiles.

The exhibition will present work from Jessica Levine, Mercedes Gil Simon, Maria Kuipers, Michelle Roberts and Neal Pearce.

The exhibition will run from the 17th September 2012 until the 21st January 2013, and will be taking place at the Outside In: Gallery in Brighton, which you can find at:

Wellington House Day Options
Wellington Street

To find out more, please visit Outside In: Gallery and Creative Future

For more information on the artists involved, please use the following links to be taken to their personal webpages or their Outside In online galleries.

Maria Kuipers

Mercedes Gil Simon

Jessica Levine

Neal Pearce

Michelle Roberts

The cover image for this post is composed of two images created by Michelle Roberts; Dinosaur World and Spanish Holiday


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