Shadows of a Dream


Shadows of a Dream, a collaborative exhibition between Creative Future and Outside In, opened last Sunday (16th September) at Outside In: Gallery located in Wellington House Day Centre, Brighton. The exhibition showcases works by Maria Kuipers, Mercedes Gil Simon, Michelle Roberts, Jessica Levine and Neal Pearce.

Jessica Levine’s work stems from sources including ‘personal travels, Kentish landscape, current affairs, childhood memories and textile designs.’ Jessica often explores ‘ideas using collage as… this is a useful process in realising finished pieces of work or in translating ideas using paint.’


Jessica Levine, ‘Mexico’


Maria Kuipers’ work focuses on ‘self’, and is underpinned by her interest in the human condition and passion for meaningful art. She often uses mixed media and aims for ‘material presence as well as mysterious imagery.’ Maria is an artist led by materials, and by taking an intuitive approach, she reaches into her inner self and works from the unconscious. She hopes that by trusting the creative process, she can make an art that is ‘beyond what is seen into the unseen.’


Maria Kuipers, ‘Into the Dark (Breaching Boundaries Series)’


Mercedes Gil Simon’s Black Paintings have evolved from photographs that she took as source material. They focus on night scenes of Brighton, or other cities which Mercedes has a connection to. The photographs are taken in the early hours of the morning to capture the unnerving calm of a city still sleeping. The works explore themes of Film Noir, and ‘convey an emotional and mysterious quality, creating highly evocative, atmospheric and subdued vistas.’


Mercedes Gil Simon, ‘Black Paintings’


Michelle Roberts has drawn and painted throughout her life; as a young girl, she accompanied her grandfather, a watercolour painter who often worked outdoors. She spends much of her free time drawing and painting, with the evolution of her works often taking weeks. Michelle creates ‘colourful and complex worlds, each with a distant logic and meaning that connect to her own life.’ Michelle is supported by Project Art Works, based in Hastings, who ‘produce pioneering visual arts projects for individuals with profound intellectual disability and multiple impairments.’


Michelle Roberts, ‘A Mouse For Your House’


Neal Pearce’s ‘The Infinite Codex’ was born in 1992, marking his departure from artistic and intellectual over-striving. Inspired by Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers trilogy, Neal was intrigued by the depiction of Earth as the ultimate super-computer. ‘Could it be that each of us is encoded with invaluable data just waiting to be tapped – information far beyond the reaches of our worldly, tutored minds?’


Neal Pearce, ‘Wellington House Codex’


Shadows of a Dream is running until 21st Janurary 2013

Outside In: Gallery
Wellington House Day Options
Wellington Street

Gallery opening times:

Tuesday and Friday 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Weekdays 9.30 – 3.30 (by appointment only)

For more information visit:



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