Joe Cook: The Pirate Collection

You may remember Joe Cook’s work from a previous post – from all the way back in October 2012! (Click here to read it). Joe got in touch again recently with some images of his most recent work. I thought it would make for an interesting feature to take a look at what Joe’s up to now. Below you’ll find a piece from Joe on what he’s been working on of late, as well as some images of his fantastic new work. Enjoy!

“These images are projections from an imaginary pirate world – a world described in some detail by a friend of mine.  Some scenes were described directly to me while others were inspired by old photos of jungles, high seas, ships and pirate revolutions. There remains, especially in children, a notable fascination in pirate worlds – a fascination I have attempted to harness. The images are drawn in ink and then digitally enhanced to increase vibrancy and saturation.  This over exaggeration of colour was both to promote an exotic energetic hot alien world and simply to please my personal tastes.  There is a particular rebellious story which accompanies these images – a story that will no doubt make its way to the surface.” – Joe Cook













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