Susan Levin: Art from Dreams

‘My Jungian Journey in Collage, Assemblage and Poetry’

I was recently sent a book by Susan Levin, who is based in California, entitled ‘Art from Dreams: My Jungian Journey in Collage, Assemblage, and Poetry,’ and felt I had to share it with you. The book is beautiful as an object in itself, but the works inside (particularly the assemblages – which are my particular favourites) are just extraordinary. The book – as noted on Susan Levin’s website – celebrates artistic expression as an exploration for self-awareness.

“Art making and poetry reveal to ourselves and to others the images and feelings that arise within us in dreams. The very process of creation taps into the source of our inner wisdom. Poetry itself can be accessible as a collage of named images put together in various forms to communicate to and from our innermost selves.”

Susan Levin has a BA from the University of Michigan and a Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Johns Hopkins University. In addition, she studied at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. She is now a practising artist in Los Angeles, California.




Nobody sees us-
the Archaeologist and me-
as we excavate the night
searching for beginnings,
unearthing symbols, images.
Everything is held to the fire
We get close to truth,
to what is known and unknown.
We awaken to re-imagine our lives



I left the ship on the city’s river
and walked barefoot through its mud
up the steps to the bank
to retrieve my currency.
Now with my valuable fuel,
I stopped traveling the wrong freeways.
Redeemed my compass

susan levin-8

Cages of our Lives
susan levin-11
Night Journey

You can find our more about Susan, her work, and her book by clicking here


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