Above Image: Peter Andrews, ‘Meds”

When I came across ARTHOUSE Meath a couple of months ago, I thought that it was an incredible idea, and so when the opportunity arose to do a post on them, I jumped at the chance. ARTHOUSE Meath is an innovative social enterprise creating artworks and products for sale at exhibition, trade and retail. The works produced and sold are created by people over 19 living with severe epilepsy and learning difficulties.

The ARTHOUSE’s main aim is to show what can be achieved – they have been the trade stationary supplier for Mary Portas concessions stores in House of Fraser – and 100% of sales revenue goes into the project for ongoing development, with any profit going to the Meath Epilepsy Charity.

Below are two short case studies on two of the artists working at ARTHOUSE Meath; Marjorie Doherty and Peter Andrews.

Marjorie Doherty

Marjorie first came to the Meath Epilepsy Trust in October 2005 when ARTHOUSE Meath had just been set up. Although Marjorie had never done much art before, she seemed to really relish the fact that she was doing something with purpose. An incredibly hard worker, Marjorie visits the ARTHOUSE for two full days a week, where she creates stunning pieces of work proving that she has great artistic skills and is extremely dexterous.

“Art is my favourite thing to do. I do birds, drawing birds and painting things.” – Marjorie Doherty

Marjorie Doherty, 'Best Dad'

Marjorie Doherty, ‘Best Dad’

Marjorie Doherty, 'Spirit of Summer'

Marjorie Doherty, ‘Spirit of Summer’

Peter Andrews

Peter visits the ARTHOUSE Meath studio nearly everyday, meaning he has become one of the organisation’s most prolific artists. He also works front of house, greeting customers in the shop and selling products. Recently, Peter sold his own work to a customer in the shop; an interaction that embodies everything that ARTHOUSE Meath strives to achieve.

“I love painting because it calms me down. I love to paint ladies because of the feelings inside when I achieve nice paintings.” – Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews, 'Wonder Woman'

Peter Andrews, ‘Wonder Woman’

Peter Andrews, 'Heart in Throat'

Peter Andrews, ‘Heart in Throat’

The piece below is a collaboration between 8+ ARTHOUSE Meath artists who, depending on levels of dexterity and ability, would have all worked on different aspects of it. Marjorie and Pete both worked on it.

ARTHOUSE Meath, 'Jungle Fever'

ARTHOUSE Meath, ‘Jungle Fever’

For more information on ARTHOUSE Meath, please visit their website:


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