Artist Showcase: Joe Cook

Almost six years ago, artist Joe Cook appeared on kdoutsiderart for the first time. In this artist showcase, Joe shares his new body of work. Joe says:

This new body of work is a direct continuation of my previous illustration work. My brief was to create a diverse range of characters in a far away land, living a life of heroic adventure and intrigue. I took direct influence from Henry Matisse, amongst others. The shapes and colours he created in his cut-out era feel exotic and foreign to me and I tried to employ those curves and free flowing lines where I could. Similarly, where there is action in my drawings there is also naivety and an unapologetic (David Shrigley-like?) quality to the movement. I scoured photos from the internet and national geographic back editions for real life examples of everyday folk lost in their endeavours in far tropical lands. Ultimately I tried to be honest in what I saw and how I adapted that to paper. The drawings are primarily pencil and ink and don’t always follow the tried and tested rules on how illustrations should look, feel and move.

Joe Cook, Boy


Joe Cook, Elelele


Joe Cook, Eyez


Joe Cook, Candle Man

the stoneKD

Joe Cook, The Stone


Joe Cook, Captainas Fishermanas


Joe Cook, Black Coat Eating

To see Joe Cook’s previous artist showcase, please click here.

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