Paris Outsider Art Fair 2017: In Pictures

From 19 – 22 October 2017, eclectic work by talented, unknown and untrained artists descended on Paris from all over the globe for the latest instalment of the Paris Outsider Art Fair. I was lucky enough to be able to hop on the Eurostar and head over to Paris for a couple of days to check out this year’s offering. In between squeezing as much of Paris into one day as might be physically possible (breakfast in Montmartre, the Montmartre Museum, the Tuileries, the Louvre  – just the building, Notre Dame Cathedral), I managed to enjoy the opening night, or vernissage, as well as a quick second (much quieter) visit on the Friday evening.

This year, as in others, the variety of work on display at the Fair was truly astounding; work by figural outsider artists (Henry Darger, Willem van Genk), to artists who are completely unknown – but equally as talented. There were familiar faces from fairs past – the Cavin-Morris Gallery, Creative Growth Art Center, and the Andrew Edlin Gallery, as well as some fresh faces. I thought the best way to share my experience of this year’s Fair with you is through the photographs I took.

You can find out more about the Outsider Art Fair (which has a New York incarnation as well as the Parisian offering) by clicking here.


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