Kathy Gibson

(Image credit: Kathy Gibson, ‘Mirrored Reflection’)

I am always keen to hear from artists who would be interested in a blog post focusing on their work. Usually, I ask for an artist’s statement and a few images which they would like to showcase, but these guidelines are very flexible and I am open to suggestions. If you would like a post on your work, please do contact: kdoutsiderart@yahoo.com.

This post will focus on the work of Kathy Gibson.

“As a wheelchair user I have always been very interested in faces and bodies of people, especially how they move and walk. A lot of my paintings are of peoples bodies and faces.”Kathy Gibson


Kathy Gibson, ‘Almost Smiling’


Kathy Gibson, ‘Feeling Anxious’


Kathy Gibson, ‘Hanging On’


Kathy Gibson, ‘Hiding’

Kathy’s website: www.kathygibson.co.uk


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