The Nighthawk

I am always keen to hear from artists who would be interested in a blog post focusing on their work. Usually, I ask for an artist’s statement and a few images which they would like to showcase, but these guidelines are very flexible and I am open to suggestions. If you would like a post on your work, please do contact:

This post will focus on the work of The Nighthawk (Paul Livesay).

“I am a self taught (outsider) artist. My work is abstract expressionism and also conceptual, working with acrylic paint on canvas. I picked up my first paint brush in 2006 at the age of 48. I painted how and what I felt at any given time. My sources for my works were predominantly my heart and soul. I tried to project my raw, unbridled emotions in as pure and organic a way as truly possible. All my works are hand painted and in no way digitally modified. I hope that I succeeded and that you enjoy them.” – The Nighthawk. 

The Nighthawk - 'Electric Acid Waterfalls'

The Nighthawk, ‘Electric Acid Waterfalls’

The Nighthawk - 'Nuclear Reaction'

The Nighthawk, ‘Nuclear Reaction’

The Nighthawk, 'Grieving in the Bamboo Forest'

The Nighthawk, ‘Grieving in the Bamboo Forest’

The Nighthawk, 'Golden Showers Bring Strange Flowers'

The Nighthawk, ‘Golden Showers Bring Strange Flowers’

The Nighthawk, 'Safe Harbours and Back Alleys'

The Nighthawk, ‘Safe Harbours and Back Alleys’


For more information on The Nighthawk’s work, you can visit The Archangel Project on Facebook




2 thoughts on “The Nighthawk

  1. Jennifer Adelsberg. says:

    These are gorgeous,I would love to upload my art,but photos not good enough…I work in ceramics and base relief,technical support is provide by my p.a. As I am disabled..

    • kdoutsiderart says:

      Hi Jennifer – so sorry I didn’t see this when you posted it! I would love to see some photos of your work, however high/low quality the images are. Let me know what you think – and hopefully you will get this message! Kate (

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