Francois Burland (b. 1958)

Burland had a difficult childhood in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he left school after his teachers claimed he was ‘difficult’ due to the nature of his secret drawings. After undergoing psychotherapy, Burland began to use creativity to express himself. Creating predominantly large pieces, often on brown paper, he was fascinated with mythology from all cultures and a visit to Africa enabled him to meet with nomads who encouraged him to create bright, tribal inspired pieces. Despite these bright pieces, Burland’s main bulk of work was mainly completed in black and white; however, in many of his pieces you can clearly see the tribal influences.

Mixing the antique with more modern literature and philosophy, Burland’s use of a brown paper background gives his work an ancient edge. Burland’s pieces often focus around a central figure or animal, working out towards the edge in a monochrome fashion. Burland now lives on a farm in Switzerland, where he is dedicated to creating his instinctive and visionary works.

Places to see Burland’s work:

Eternod/Mermod Collection, Lausanne

Musee de la Creation Franche, Begles

Examples of Burland’s work:

Resources: Raw Vision Outsider Art Sourcebook


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