What’s On in the Outsider Art World – May 2012



Galerie Gugging, Austria

Until 28th Oct 2012
‘August Walla Retrospective’

Until 7th Oct 2012
An exhibition based on the theme of sexuality

Mad Musee, Belgium

Until 6th May 2012
An exhibition that includes the work of Morton Bartlett, Lee Godie, Loulou and Miroslav Tichy

The Arts Festival of North Norway, Norway

24th June 2012
‘The World of Outsider Art’ at the Trondenes Historic Centre, Harstad Norway

The Aprad Szenes-Vieira da Silva, Lisbon Portugal

Until 23rd Sep 2012
‘Arte Bruta – Terra Incognita’
Outsider Art from the collections of Richard Troger and Antonio Saint-Silvestre

Portugese Association of Outsider Art, Lisbon Portugal

Until 31st May 2012
‘Xico Nico, Sculptor’

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and  Outsider Art, Chicago

Until 30th June 2012
‘Heaven and Hell’

Bethlem Heritage, London

13th June 2012 – 13th July 2012
‘Hollow Space and Outgrowth’
“Artists from Bethlem Gallery respond to the historical and art collection in the Archives and Museum”

Art et Marges Musee, Belgium

10th Feb – 20th May 2012
‘La Fabuloserie: le fabuleux destin des Bourbonnais’

Frist Center for Visual Arts, Tennessee

24th Feb – 29th May 2012
‘Fairy Tales, Monsters and the Genetic Imagination’


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