Boeeuen Choo: Ink Drawing Project

Back in December, Boeeuen Choo’s spiritual art inspired by the design and template of original tarot cards featured on kdoutsiderart. Last month, Boeeuen got back in touch about a new project that I really wanted to feature here. It’s always great to hear from the artists featured in the artist showcases; to hear about their new work, new inspirations and ideas. So, below you’ll find a paragraph from Boeeuen about the ink drawing project, as well as a selection of great images.

“I have always been fascinated by the idea of ‘mind.’ Our mind is like another world – it is impossible to fathom its depths. My idea of psychology is better illustrated visually than in my writings. That is why I decided to create a series of drawings related to the human mind. These drawings are not straightforwardly illustrated, instead, they are quite surreal. However, I want viewers to engage with the stories of drawings personally, emotionally.” – Boeeuen Choo


Boeeuen Choo, Addiction


Boeeuen Choo, Boredom


Boeeuen Choo, Fishing

Growing innerself

Boeeuen Choo, Growing Innerself


Boeeuen Choo, Malice


Boeeuen Choo, Mannerism


Boeeuen Choo, Peace

You can see more of Boeeuen Choo’s work by clicking here


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