Boeeuen Choo: Spiritual Art

This Artist Showcase comes from Boeeuen Choo, who is inspired by the design and template of original tarot cards. I always have been drawing - ever since I was young. And then I decided to pursue art as my career. My interest is in the design and template of original tarot cards, and that's what made … Continue reading Boeeuen Choo: Spiritual Art

Fleury-Joseph Crepin (1875 – 1948)

Crepin was a plumper from the port of Calais in France. He only began painting in his sixties, after experiencing an increase in his spiritual powers subsequent to meeting painter and medium Victor Simon. Influenced by supernatural voices, Crepin began to fill sketchbooks with dedicatedly symmetrical designs. Crepin’s works are surprisingly mathematical in their creation. … Continue reading Fleury-Joseph Crepin (1875 – 1948)