Steve Murison

Above Image: Steve Murison, 'Your Cat Was Sick at the Disco' 'Upon a time I was really ill, and now I paint at my little desk, steaming mug of coffee at hand in the shadow of my pepper plant. As I step outside into the good of life I drag with me tales of horror, … Continue reading Steve Murison

Outsider Art Round-Up August 2013

(Image Credit: Claudia Benassai, 'Peeping Tom') I was recently having a think of ways to revamp the blog, especially after my currently-very-spaced-out posts (due to house move, no internet, etc.). I decided to start a 'round-up' series that would include a mixture of Outsider Art news, recent articles on the subject (from newspapers, magazines, online, … Continue reading Outsider Art Round-Up August 2013