Brian Gibson: Real Art… Really?

Above image: Transient Graffiti on Bath Abbey (courtesy of Brian Gibson: "It’s 2015 now and after recent events the world seems a lot more complex … so I'm heading back to the relative calm of late 2014. Like a lot of people over the festive break I got myself hooked into various forms of social … Continue reading Brian Gibson: Real Art… Really?


Brian Gibson: Fessing Up

Featured image: Agnes Richter, needlepoint jacket [] Following Brian Gibson's fantastic previous post, entitled 'What does it mean to be an Outsider?', he has written again for kdoutsiderart. This time, focusing on 'confessional' art. Here, her discusses whether artists who have experienced trauma or health issues feel 'obliged' to create art that is overtly confessional? … Continue reading Brian Gibson: Fessing Up