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  1. Nigel Robinson says:

    Hi…i don’t know if you are aware of my site Biggertigger?..http://biggertigger.blogspot.co.uk/
    But if you have a spare minute or 2 you might have a quick look at what i’m trying to do …which it seems (looking at your marvellous site), we have very similar areas of interest and concerns.?
    It would be lovely if we could strike up a dialogue…as i’m very new to blogging, having only been released from jail in June last year (2012) so any hints or tips that you might have for me would be sincerely appreciated.
    I am genuinely interested in the power of Art and all creativity…
    Art, for me in jail was a life-saver. If i had not had access to art materials etc i am not sure that i would have made-it through my sentence.. Because Art for me was an escape…it allowed me to feel a degree of liberty while caged within the strict confines of a prison cell…i would sit at the bleak metal desk and i would start to draw…and then i felt safe .. and strong enough to carry-on.

    Would you mind if i used some of the material that you have on your site in Biggertigger, I think i might have already dropped you a line about borrowing the odd image or 2 from you…so i guess i’m asking if i might ‘borrow’ a bit more?..I always put full documentation and attributions on my images…because i do think that’s important..

    I love your site and i have you on my Blogroll (i call my blogroll ‘Partners in Crime’)….maybe you might return the favour and put Biggertigger on yours?

    Thanks for your time…

    • kdoutsiderart says:

      Hi Nigel,

      Thanks very much for getting in touch! I just took a look at your site, and think it’s a great idea – there’s some fantastic work on there. It’s also great to hear your story. I believe very strongly that creativity can be a tool (often a vital or necessary tool) to help people through bad (and good!) times, from personal experience and from the experiences of those I have worked with.

      I am more than happy for you to use images from the site (obviously with a little link back perhaps – mainly for the artists who have work showcased and not for any publicity reasons!) I will also add you to my list of links – thanks for adding me to yours. Perhaps you might drop me an email – kdoutsiderart@yahoo.com and we can talk about blogging/tips etc.

      Good to hear from you

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