Artist Showcase: Andy Dykeman

The latest Artist Showcase comes from Andy Dykeman, who's work is inspired, amongst other things, by forensic autopsies and Punk Rock. A fan of the term outsider art, Andy feels that labels can help direct people to their tastes.  When did your interest in art/creating begin I have always drawn and written as long as … Continue reading Artist Showcase: Andy Dykeman

Artist Showcase: Will Conway

In this post, you can find out more about Will Conway's 'Wastes of Ink' works - what inspires them and what the artist would like you, the viewer, to take away. When did your interest in art/creating begin? I’ve always drawn but did a lot of copying things from comics as a child and never … Continue reading Artist Showcase: Will Conway

Clayton Landry: Animals and Inventions

This is the final installment in a series of posts introducing American artist Clayton Landry*. In this post, collector and supporter of Landry's work, George Lawrence, will focus on Landry's depictions of animals and inventions.  Landry and animals Kate Davey: Landry’s representations of animals are also very interesting. They are almost text-book diagrams of a … Continue reading Clayton Landry: Animals and Inventions