A resource on ‘outsider art’ and artists creating outside of the mainstream

adolf wolflikdoutsiderart.com showcases the work of talented artists creating outside of the cultural mainstream, looks at the term ‘outsider art’ and the theory and curatorial questions surrounding it, and provides an insight into some of the most innovative projects and organisations working in this area.

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From the blog


The ‘Savant’ Artist

This post looks at the phenomenon that is the ‘Artistic Autistic Savant.’ Find out more about the work of renowned ‘savants’ including Gregory Blackstock, George Widener, James Henry Pullen and Esther Brokaw. Click here to read more.


Ofir_Hirsh_La_hechicera_enamorada_Terrenero_50x60cm copy

Redefining Outsider Art

A new online exhibition aiming to challenge the term outsider art, breaking it down and handing back control to the artists. The exhibition includes a range of visual and written pieces. The hope is this will contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding the concept of the term outsider art.
Click here to visit the exhibition.

The Story of Art: Our Collective HistoryALOISE

The Whitworth in Manchester, UK, has been home to the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection now for several years. The collection is one of the formative and most important outsider art collections in the world, and includes works by prominent figures such as Aloise Corbaz, Johann Hauser and Lee Godie. This blog post explores the importance of including ‘outsider’ works in the collective history of art and humanity. Click here to read more.


The ‘S’ Word: Can the arts reduce mental health stigma?

In the UK – despite much progress since the abolition of large psychiatric hospitals and a significant increase in care in the community – stigma surrounding mental health issues is still an incredibly prominent issue. In this article, I explore whether art can play a part in reducing this stigma. And if so, how. Click here to read more.

gaston chaissacA Note on Outsider Art

This year, I was kindly invited to give a talk at the ‘Life is Your Very Own Canvas’ mid-exhibition event in Aberdeen, Scotland. I spoke briefly about outsider art and how I had become interested in it, and what I was doing now to support artists who might be considered ‘outsider.’ Although the talk was brief, I took some time in the run up to refresh my memory on all things outsider art – which I have put together in this blog post.

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4 thoughts on “A resource on ‘outsider art’ and artists creating outside of the mainstream

  1. Hazel says:

    The exhibition looks so interesting.

    Can you tell me where the exhibition will be next year please I woukd love to go and see it.

    Thank you

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